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  • : Test Your Knowledge on Blood Groups - Medindia Latest Updates
    Blood groups are of four important groups determined by the presence or absence of specific proteins on the red blood cells. Take this quiz on blood groups.
  • : Spermatocele - Medindia Latest Updates
    Spermatocele is a condition in which there is a blockage in the epididymal duct, resulting in semen collection and formation of a cyst.
  • : 15 Interesting facts on Blood Donation - Medindia Latest Updates
    Be a blood donor and save lives for your donated blood is separated into blood products or just given as single unit.
  • : Top 13 Latest Facts (and) Figures on Alzheimer's Disease - Medindia Latest Updates
    Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible age-related brain disorder that destroys the memory associated with the ability to carry out even the simplest tasks.
  • : Principal Side Effects of Abortion Pills You Need to Know - Medindia Latest Updates
    Abortion pills are used in the first trimester to terminate pregnancy. Women should be aware of their side effects before opting for them.

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